Coastal Zone Permitting

CZM Permitting

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which is managed by CZM
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                      L=Land                                                                    W=Water                                                          R&M=Repair and Maintenance
Sherron Carlos CZX-32-20L 317 & 318 Estate LaVallee To construct a cabana.
City Wings CZX-37-20W 31E King Cross Street, C’sted Install 2 9’X25′ aluminum floating dock.
Jamison & Debra Fogg CZX-26-21L 112E & 114 La vallee To construct two (2) Apartment, 1bedroom, 1 bathroom each
Sports Parks & Recreation-Cramers Park CZX-47-21L #1 Estate Long Point & Cotton Garden Demolish and replace beach pavilion, picnic tables, fencing and lighting
Sports Parks & Recreation- Cramers Park CZX-48-21L #1 Estate Long Point & Cotton Garden Demolish and replace concession building
Manuel Gutierrez CZX-8-22W 2,56 & 58 Remainder Estate South Gate Install boat lift
Sea Dell, LLP CZX-9-22W 2,56 & 58 Remainder Estate South Gate Install boat lift
John Hebert CZX-10-22L 43-C Estate Little Princess Single family dwelling
Henry E. tonnemaker CZX-11-22W 2-A Estate Prosperity Install real-time temperature recording bouy with mooring
Paul & Monika Hryn Amendment to CZX-6-22L 2A Prosperity Addition of cupole skyline
Teague Paradise,LLC CZX-21-22W #20 Estate Teague Bay Construction of a new 3’4″X37′ dock
Naresh Boodhoo & Shabana N. Khubal Modification to CZX-22-17L #18 Estate Southgate Complete previously approved permit;Property was transferred to new applicant-owner
Joel Ureta CZX-22-22W Heather Cove/Pull Point Single mooring
Martin Rodin & Coleen Bowles CZX-23-22(R&M) 172-I Esate Whim Hurricane repairs to windows, doors, roof, repair and paint wall
Melissa Ann Kirkiles CZX-25-22L 72-EE Estate Clairmont 2 family, 5 bedroom single story dwelling
Calvin Belle CZX-27-22L 113-CA Cane Bay Gift booth-exterior plywood
100 Lake Avenue, LLC CZX-28-22L 26 Estate Solitude Construction of 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom residence with pool and garage
John & Katherine Anderson CZX-29-22l 14 Estate South Grapetree Bay Partial demolition and reconstruction of existing pool and deck APPROVED
Christiansted Island Hotel CZX-31-22L 28 Estate Green Cay Upgrade and repair kitchen
Douglas & Sandra Lawson CZX-32-22L 47 Estate South Grapetree Bay Addition to renovated home to include new pool, patio, gazebo, guest room and bath APPROVED
Sea Breeze Holding, LLC CZX-33-22L 72-N/2-A Estate Clairmont/ Bonne Esperance Single family dwelling APPROVED
Philip & Judy Payne CZX-34-21L 37 Estate Annas Hope Addition of two (2) story to an existing home APPROVED
Kenneth & Sharon Shipman Modification to CZX-34-21L 72 Estate Green Cay Revised pool location and deck size APPROVED
John Foley Modification to CZX-5-17L 2-I Estate North Grapetree Concrete driveway APPROVED
Steve Myrvang CZX-35-22L 2E Estate North Slob Construction of a single family dwelling APPROVED
Ortalis Industries, LLC CZX-30-22L Rem 3M Public Port Site Grading & erecting a fence
Douglas & Rebecca Stratton CZX-36-22L 74 Estate Green Cay Installation of a fence
Mill Harbour Condominium CZX-37-22L 221 Golden Rock Addition of laundry room
James R. Mann CZX-38-22L 100A Estate Two Brothers Single-family dwelling
AlanK. Pedersen CZX-39-22L 114-E LaVallee Single-family dwelling
Roncan, Inc CZX-40-22L 212 & 126CA Two Brothers Clearing brush to extend parking lot
Maria Garcia CZX-41-22L 241 La Vallee Single-family dwelling
Erica Barnes CZX-42-22L 54A South Slob Pool addition to existing residence
James Marton & Lydie Todman CZX-43-22L 108 Estate South Grapetree Bay Single-family dwelling
              L=Land              W=Water         R&M=Repair and Maintenance
Diane Libby, LLC CZJ-24-20L Plot # 151 Estate Fish Bay To construct a single-family dwelling. APPROVED
VI Tiny Homes, LLC CZJ-28-20L Plot # 1-46 Estate Carolina To construct 2 Single-family dwellings with a sewage treatment system.
Alan & Sandra Mohler CZJ-11-21L Plot # 10-7A Estate Carolina Rebuilding hurricane damage 2-story dwelling with the waste treatment system.
Harnel International LLC CZJ-22-21L Plot #  8-14 Estate Emmus To construct a single-family dwelling with a loft, one guest room, and a sewage treatment system.
Bluemoon STJ Hilding CZJ-23-21L Plot # 14-1-3 Estate Johns Folly To construct a 2-family dwelling.
The Benjamin Milbrath Living Trust CZJ-34-21L Plot # 15A-9-1 Estate Rendezous To construct a single-family dwelling with a pool and cistern with a driveway.
Coral Bay Community Council CZJ-08-22W Plot # 14A Estate Peter Bay Renovation of the kitchen with a new roof.
Stayanlov,LLC CZJ-12-22L Plot # 2 Estate Lovango To construct a timber frame single-family home with a concrete foundation and with driveway APPROVED
Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church CZJ-13-22L Plot #12A-2 Estate Contant To construct a single-story annex structure over an existing foundation with one worship hall. APPROVED
George Miadsi IV Revocable Trust CZJ-14-22L Plot #15A-9-6 Estate Rendervous & Ditift To construct a single-family dwelling with a pool and cistern with a driveway. APPROVED
Bonnie Rapine & Michael Hunter CZJ-15-22L Plot #P. Rem Estate Fish Bay In addition to the existing single-family dwelling APPROVED
Christopher J. Lee and Carrie Ann E. Lee Joint Revocable Trust CZJ-16-22L Plot # 5G EstateFiziis Bay Renovation of the kitchen with a new roof.
Jess & Nan E. Spike CZJ-17-22L Plot # 15 Estate Concorda To construct a 1- bedroom family stack container dwelling with a wooden frame deck, driveway, retaining wall, and  a wastewater treatment system
Laurallen Investiments LLC CZJ-18-22L Plot # 10-27-1A Estate Carolina To construct a single-family dwelling
Snow Bear Penthouses, LLC CZJ-19-22L Plot # 15A-10-7a Estate Rendezvous & Ditlift To construct a 2  dwelling unit storage, garage, and a generator building.
Lisa Rana & Kurt A. Kappel CZJ-20-22L Plot # 107 Estate Fish Bay To bring the permit to CZM compliance. APPROVED
The Unplugged Iguana, LLC CZJ-21-22L Plot # 14 Estate Chocolate Hole To construct a single-family home with a driveway, cistern, and pool.
Camelot Villa LLC CZJ-22-22L Plot # 15A-10-6 Estate Rendezvous & Ditlift To construct a single-family home with a pool, hot tub, and waste treatment system. APPROVED
Bali Hai, LLC CZJ-23-22L Plot #15A-10-2-1  Estate Rendezvous & Ditlift To construct a single-family home with a pool, hot tub, and waste treatment system. APPROVED
Christine M. Petitto & Joseph Nogveira CZJ-24-22L Plot #69 Estate Fish Bay To construct a new pool, patio, and concrete cistern. APPROVED
Barbara Harri- CZJ-26-10W(Renewal ) CZJ-25-22W Plot #4.  Estate Chocolate Hole Renewal of an old permit
Mounir Nahas & Lisa Nahas CZJ-26-22L Plot # 143 Estate Fish Bay Alteration on an existing single-family home with minimal area disruption.
Adebisi Trust LLC. CZJ-27-22L Plot #6P-2D Estate Hansen Bay To construct a two-story two-family dwelling with a concrete driveway. APPROVED
Ronald C. Glogg CZJ-28-22L Plot #16A-34B Estate Mandahl In addition to the existing cottage and also a wooden frame porch at the main. APPROVED
Steven Bond CZJ-29-22L Plot #2-5 Estate Eden Construction for a new single-family home and cottage.
Victoria A. Schafer Trust CZJ-30-22L Plot # 6C-3 estate Quacco & Zimmerman Constructing a new concrete swimming pool for an existing single-family dwelling. APPROVED
David and Helena Sullivan CZJ-31-22L Plot # 6b-42 Estate Quacco & Zimmerman An extension to the lower level, a deck, a guest suite with a one-bedroom addition, and the removal of a wooden building. APPROVED
Edward Nallan Jr. & Jamie Nallan CZJ-32-22L Plot # 6-O-J Estate Hansen Bay New construction of a two-bedroom single-family dwelling with pool, porches, driveway, and sewage treatment system. APPROVED
Amor Dela Playa, LLC. CZJ-33-22L Plot # 16A Estate Peter Bay To construct a single-family with a driveway, cistern, cottage, and pool.
Edens Bounty Inc CZJ-34-22L Plot # 16B  Estate Peter Bay Construction of a concrete driveway also extends and widens the existing driveway.
Edens Bounty Inc CZJ-35-22L Plot # 16 Rem Estate Peter Bay Addition of two parking areas, enlarging driveway, access stairs to the lower level existing single-family home. APPROVED
Snow Bear Penthouses, LLC CZJ-36-22L Plot # 15A-7-15 Estate Rendezvous & Ditlift To construct a ground mount solar energy system.
Debbie Querrard CZJ-37-22L Plot # 174 Estate Chocolate Hole Renovating existing main dwelling with a new main level bedroom suite.
Moravian Church VI Conference CZJ-38-22L Plot # 10 Rem Estate Emmaus To construct a single-family home with a pool, hot tub, and waste treatment system.
Root 66, LLC/ Robert & Ruth Bechtel CZJ-39-22L Plot # 6-6 Estate contant Restoring of an existing 4 bedroom, two-story single-family residence. APPROVED
David C. & Cheryl A. McDaniel CZJ-40-22L Plot # 200-L-2A Estate Fish Bay Constructing a grid tied ground mount solar array.
David  Stone & Casie Summers CZJ-41-22L Plot #50 Estate Chocolate Hole Reconstruting and an addition of a new deck, parking area, demolition of an existing setback violation, and main house roofing.
F4- Villa st. John , LLC CZJ-42-22L Plot #210 Estate Chocolate Hole Refurbishment of a single-family home.
Dawn & Robert Brunner CZJ-43-22L Plot #15A-3-5 Estate Rendezvous & Ditleff Replacing storm-damaged house and cottage with a single-family home.
Adonna Bartlette CZJ-44-22L Plot # 13B-6 Estate Contant Constructing and remodeling a porch and a 2 family dwelling.
Deborah Mcknight CZJ-45-22L Plot # 16 Estate Calabash Boom To construct a 2 story, two-family dwelling with 2 kitchens,  and a one-family, laundry bed & bath.
The Bruder Revocable Trust CZJ-46-22L Plot #10-29 Estate Caroline Installation of a concrete driveway.
Sonja Hubbard / Providence Point, LLC CZJ-47-22L Plot # 8AA Estate Contant Renovate existing structure addition suit to the main house, also replacing garage with concrete two-car port.
Lavango Island Holdings- Plot 1-H CZJ-48-22L Plot # 1-H Estate Lovango Cay Construction of a 3 bedroom, 5 bathroom suite family dwelling with pool and terrace.
Donald A. Vafides & Irvin D. Morgan Family Trust CZJ-49-22L Plot # 7-1 Estate Peter Bay Construction of a single-family home with drive way, pool, and cistern.
L=Land               W=Water              R&M=Repair and Maintenance
Applicant Applicant# Parcel # SCOPE OF WORK STATUS
C.T.C Charters, LLC CZT-48-20L 70-3 Estate Lindberg Bay To build an extended wooded deck to accommodate the existing Bar & Grill.
Cabrita Point Properties Association/Andrew Smith CZT-03-21L 6L-13 & 6L-25 Estate Nazareth Installing an electronic gate in the residenial community.
Moore & Moore Trust CZT-13-21L Plot # 45-1 Estate Water Island To construct a single-family 2-bedroom, 1 bath, 1 detached bedroom, and bath pod.
Beach Life, LLC. CZT-18-21W Plot # Track #C-1 Water Island Installation of s 5′ wide by 30′ long floating dock.
RB40 Investments, LLC CZT-32-21L Plot # 34AC Estate To construct a single-family dwelling.
Scott Balmos & Deborah Ramos CZT-41-21L Plot # 7-M-3 Estate Nazareth Modifying an existing pool & adding a hot tub.
Cristina Zublliaga CZT-43-21L Plot # 7-W Estate Nazareth To bring the property to compliance. Withdrwan
Daniel Renzi CZT-45-21L Plot # 11B8-1 Estate Smith Bay To construct a single-family dwelling with a deck.
Ottley Communications Corp CZT-48-21L Plot # 121. 167,171 Estate Nazareth Pouring Slab Grade.
Villa Whydah, LLC CZT-11-22L Plot # 4-48 Estate Botony Bay To construct a single-family dwelling. APPROVE
DNB-WI, LLC CZT-12-22L Plot # 5A Estate Water Island To complete construction on the second-level residence. APPROVE
Doralyn Charles CZT-13-22L Plot # R-13 Estate Nazareth Constructing a new 2-story, 4 bedroom, 5 bath upper level & four-bedroom, and a 2 –bath lower level. APPROVE
Camal Clendinen CZT-14-22L Plot # 20-D-2 Estate Mandahl Constructing a single-family home with parking. APPROVE
Isaac N. Northup and Elizabeth E. McConnell, Trustees of The Northup McConnell Joint Revocable Living Trust Date February 5,2010 CZT-16-22L Plot # 27 Estate Water Island Repairing hurricane-damaged home with the addition of a new bedroom suite. APPROVE
Ridge Road Investment Co, LLC. CZT-17-22L Plot # 2V-4 Estate Nazareth Addition of a 1 bedroom suite on the lower and upper level along with parking. APPROVE
Kobaz Enterprises, LLC. CZT-18-22L Plot # 35A-35F Estate Nisky To clear and grade a site to construct a warehouse for truck service storage.
Thomas and Mary John Baptiste CZT-19-22L Plot # 23-B-1A Estate Mandal Addition of a lower level to an existing building. DENIED
555 Madison Investors V, LLC CZT-20-22L Plot # 7-W Estate Nazareth To expand the pool also modify an existing walkway and private deck. DENIED
555 Madison Investors V, LLC CZT-21-22W Plot # 7-W Estate Nazareth To construct a Pier/dock. DENIED
The Bontanist, LLC CZT-23-22L Plot # 4-8 Estate Botany Bay Constructing a new single-family home with a pool and a driveway. APPROVE
Inter-Island Boat Service, Inc. CZT-24-22L Plot # 68-69 Estate Frydenhoj Construction of hurricane damage home. APPROVE
Mark and Barbara Kepler CZT-25-22L Plot # 11B Reminder Estate Smith Bay Repairing and renovating an existing family residence. APPROVE
Kit Alia Freeman & Najocki Boyd CZT-26-22L Plot # 11-60 Estate Peterberg To construct a single-family dwelling.
Jarle Meservy and Jon Pollock Trust CZT-27-22L Plot # 5-1 Estate Nazareth Expanding of the master bedroom.
SF Investment Group CZT-28-22L Plot # 4-44 Estate Tabor & Harmony Upgrading the septic system with a retaining wall, new roofing, and solar panels. APPROVE
Kenneth & Jet’aime Cerge-Grant CZT-29-22L Plot # 4-14 Rem Estate  Hull To build out the lower level of an existing home and also the construction of a one-bedroom apartment.
Claudius Hippolyte CZT-30-22L Plot # M – 37 Estate Nazareth Constructing a three-bedroom, three-bath with garage. Two- single-family home.
Kahiil Henley CZT-31-22L Plot # 4-4-15 Estate Fortuna Constructing 2 two-family dwellings with parking on both levels.
Jason Bell CZT-32-22L Plot # 4-57 Estate Tabor & Harmony constructing a two-story concrete building for residential usage. APPROVE
Darwin F. Emmanuel CZT-33-22L Plot # M-35 Estate Nazareth Constructing a new two-story, four bedrooms, five-bath upper-level house. A four-bedroom, two-bath lower-level dwelling.
Michael & Andrea Tierney CZT-34-22L Plot # C-17-2-A Estate Lovenlund Construction of a single-family dwelling with cottage, driveway, and septic system.
Steave & Wendy Bailey CZT-35-22L Plot # 5 & 8  Estate Nazareth Reconstructing an existing four bedrooms, three bath, three cisterns with wrap-around covered porch, pool deck & one apartment with lower-level driveway.
Daniel Gayle CZT-36-22L Plot # K-8 Construction of a two-story family concrete building.
Nicolas Madison Van Heurck and Morane Spruyt, Co- Trstees of the Very Happy Trust CZT-37-22L Plot # 4-20 Estate Hull Bay Constructing a single-family home with a pool, spa, and cistern.
William Howard Bullock & Jan Marie Bullock Trustee CZT-38-22L Plot # 40 reminder Estate Water Island Construction of a bedroom addition.
Nicolas G. Van Heurck, Trustee of The Nicolas G. Van Heurk and Maria Rodriguez Van Heurck Revocable Trust CZT-39-22L Plot # 9-2-14 Estate Peterborg Constructing a new single-family home.
Camisha Yvonne Joseph, Clifton Joseph & Albert Jurgen CZT-40-22L Plot # 9-61 Estate Nazareth Construction of a two-family dwelling.
Premier Trust, Inc/ Peter & Cynthia Hayes CZT-41-22L Plot # 12-20 Estate Peterborg Construct a new two-story, two-family.
Gayle Varlack & Tafara Smith CZT-42-22L Plot # 5-4 Estate Nazareth To construct a two-family dwelling.
Ryan P. Moran CZT-43-22L Plot #2W-1B Estate Nazareth Constructing a single-family home.
Randolph Knight Trust CZT-44-22L Plot # A-2 Estate Misgust Create a new driveway. DENIED
Amelia Tatic Beckman & Gordon Beckman CZT-45-22L Plot # 9-2-28 Rem Estate  Peterborg To build out the lower level of an existing home and also the construction of a one-bedroom apartment.
Northside Nomads CZT-46-22L Plot # 4-3 Estate Hull Bay Mobile Concession.
Secret Cove 2C-1, LLC CZT-47-22L Plot # 2C-1 Estate Nazareth Constructing 2 two-family dwellings with parking on both levels.
Rick & Denise Berry CZT-48-22L Plot # 3K Estate Lerkenlund constructing a two-story with detached 1- bedroom cottage deck and driveway.
18N 64W LLC / Scott & Susan James CZT-49-22L Plot # 62-1 Estate Water Island Constructing a new two-bedroom, 2 bath with cistern.
Claude & Amber Walker CZT-50-22L Plot # 1-G & 4Da-2 Estate Fortuna Construction of a single-family dwelling.
Steve Excell and Kimberly Murtha Ballowe CZT-51-22L Plot # 2Y-15  Estate Nazareth Constructing of a single-family dwelling.

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