Coastal Zone Permitting

CZM Permitting

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which is managed by CZM
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                      L=Land                                                                    W=Water                                                          R&M=Repair and Maintenance
Sherron Carlos CZX-32-20L 317 & 318 Estate LaVallee Construction of a cabana.
Daniel Salinas CZX-33-20L 88 Rust Op Twist Single family dwelling, 3bd-2bth.
City Wings CZX-37-20W 31E King Cross Street, C’sted Install 2 9’X25′ aluminum floating dock.
The Nature Conservancy CZX-15-21(W) 52 Estate Little Princess Install Two (2) 520ft long 4′” OD HDPE pipes to a depth of 8ft.
James Breunliln Modification to CZX-31-20L 3 & 3E Estate Northside Single family dwelling APPROVED
Amy Derrick-Michael Lumpkin Modification to CZX-43-20L 164 Two Brothers Remove grapetree from bldg site to support approved building site plans and replace with new graptree planting or like kind.
Jennifer Jackson CZX-20-21L 46-B Estate Lavallee Single family dwelling APPROVED
Chris & Shelly Timmons CZX-21-21L 165 Two Brothers Build a pool, patio,pavilion, studio, gym
Chris & Shelly Timmons CZX-22-21L 165A Two Brothers Two dwelling units, driveway, parking, & wastwater treatment
James & Susan Harper CZX-23-21L 166 Estate Whim Two (2) bedroom, One(1) story residence APPROVED
Mill Harbour Condo Owners Association CZX-24-21L 220A, 222 Estate Golden Rock Installation of concrete pad for transformer. APPROVED
Rodenhaver & Solomon Modification to CZX28-20L 77 Estate Slob Revised approved plan from 978 sq.ft. to 491sq.ft. APPROVED
Russell Foszcz Revocable Trust CZX-25-21L 84-C Estate Belvedere Pool & Guest House
Jamison & Debra Fogg CZX-26-21L 112E & 114 La vallee 2 Apartment, 1bedroom, 1 bathroom each
William & Joan Carlsen CZX-27-21L 77 Estate Green Cay Guesthouse, workshop, pool & Deck with 1/2 bath
Manuel Gutierrez CZX-29-21 75 Estate Boetzberg Construction of new storae warehouse, generator & pump room
Grapetree Shores DIVI CZX-30-21R&M 25,31 Turner Hole Repair retaining wall I rip rap walls
              L=Land              W=Water         R&M=Repair and Maintenance
Micheal Metcalfe CZJ-23-20L 110 Estate South Grapetree Single family dwelling. APPROVE
Diane Libby, LLC CZJ-24-20L 151 Estate Fish Bay Single family dwelling.
Triston Fowler CZJ-26-20L 11 Estate Chocolate Hole Single family dwelling. APPROVE
A.B.M. and C. Corp CZJ-27-20L 14-2 Estate Carolina To construct 2 storage container with deck. APPROVE
VI Tiny Homes, LLC CZJ-28-20L 1-46 Estate Carolina 2 Single family dwelling with sewage treatment system.
Lynthia & Alton Phillip CZJ-01-21L 1-K Estate Contant 4-Unit Multi-family dwelling with retaining wall and septic cistern. APPROVE
Steven Sharratt CZJ-07-21L Plot # 300-4 Estate  Chocolate Hole Removal & Renovation of exsisting residence addition 3 bedroom, 4 bathrrom, pool and porch.
Faine Jacquet CZJ-08-21L Plot # 8-4-14-1 Single family dwelling.
Jim and Kate Swan CZJ-09-21L Plot # 36 Estate Fish Bay Single family dwelling with a new sewage plant. APPROVE
Alan & Sandra Mohler CZJ-11-21L Plot # 10-7A Estate Carolina Rebuilding an hurricane damage 2-story dwelling with waste treatment system.
Douglas Bean & Jamie Elliot CZJ-12-21L Plot # 2-8-1 Estate  Eden To build a concrete pool and patio with wooded framed shade. APPROVE
Gail S. VandyBogurt CZJ-13-21L Plot F Estate Fish Bay 8 Reef Bay To construct a new single level studio with timber cottage and porch. APPROVE
Cliford Callwood CZJ-19-21L Plot B Estate  Contant Restore an 2  family dwelling with cistern.
Lanny & Rea Robert CZJ-20-21L Plot 200A1-2 Estate Fish Bay To construct single family dwelling with sewage treatment system.
Alani LLC CZJ-21-21L Plot 477F Estate Chocolate Hole To construct single family dwelling with sewage treatment system.
Harnel International LLC CZJ-22-21L Plot 8-14 Estate Emmus To construct single family dwelling with loft, one guest room and sewage treatment system.
ST. Thomas District
              L=Land                    W=Water               R&M=Repair and Maintenance
Applicant Applicant# Parcel # SCOPE OF WORK STATUS
C.T.C Charters, LLC CZT-48-20L 70-3 Estate Lindberg Bay To build an extended wooded deck to accomodate the exisiting Bar & Grill.
Cabrita Point Properties Association/Andrew Smith CZT-03-21L 6L-13 & 6L-25 Estate Nazareth Installing an electronic gate in residenial community.
Lucette Clermont CZT-04-21L K-3 Estate Nazareth Constructing a single family dwelling
The Sherlikia Lewis Revocable Living Trust CZT-09-21L Plot M-12 Estate Nazareth Constructing a 2-Family dwelling Unit APPROVE
Tambuora Manimambu CZT-12-21L Plot M-23 Estate Nazareth To contruct asingle family home. APPROVE
Moore & Moore Trust CZT-13-21L Plot # 45-1 Estate Water Island To construct a single family 2-bedroom, 1 bath, 1 detached bedroom and bath pod.
White Bay Group LLLP CZT-15-21L Plot # 2H-1 Estate Nazareth To construct a pool and deck with addition to the existing residence. APPROVE
Kenneth and Raquel Benjamin CZT-16-21L Plot # 4-4-4 Estate Fourtuna To construct a single family unit.
Nyrui Reality, LLC CZT-17-21L Plot # 4-29 Estate Hull Bay To construct a single family 2, 2-bedroom dwelling with pool.
Beach Life, LLC. CZT-18-21W Plot # Track #C-1 Water Island Installation of s 5′ wide by 30′ long floating dock.
RLF Nazareth LLC. CZT-19-21L Plot # 7-2 Estate Nazareth Installing a fire pit and a gazebo also adding a 20 x20 bedroom to existing house.
Blair James Lampert CZT-20-21L Plot # 10-2-9 Estate Peterberg To construct a single family dwelling. APPROVE
Dr. Ahmet Sayan & Carmen Quinones CZT-21-21L Plot # 6 Q Estate Nazareth To construct a single family 2, 2-bedroom dwelling with pool and deck. APPROVE
Mike & Jenn Johnson CZT-22-21L Plot # D-4-L Estate Lovenlund To construct a single family dwelling.
Randolph H. Knight Trust CZT-23-21L Plot # 5A-1 and 5A-2 Estate Misgunst Reconstructing and renovating an existing home from hurricane damage with addition 2 bedroom, bath, pool, deck and patios. APPROVE
Charles Martin CZT-24-21L Plot # 10-A-19 Estate Peterborg To construct o a 2 story family residenace.
Voletha Frett CZT-25-21L Plot # 9-60 Estate Nazareth To construct o a 2 story 2- family residenace.
The Maxwell Duncan Revocable Trust CZT-26-21L Plot # 12 Estate Perterborg To construct a single family dwelling.
Mervyn Liburd / Elvys Fermin CZT-27-21L Plot # M-17 Estate Nazareth Placing a 1 Bedroom trailer apartment on property.
Thomas Klotzbach & Claire Starkey CZT-28-21L Plot # 3BCDE Estate Canoon & Sherper Jewel To construct a 2-bedroom  cottage
Shawn E. Thomas & Lauren E. Thomas CZT-29-21L Plot # 5D-1 Estate Misgunst To construct a new Bedrrom suit with swimming pool and deck.
Sumer S. and Tara Tak Revocable Trust CZT-30-21L Plot # C-17 Estate Lovenlund Construction of a new 2 family residence with pool, parking and driveway.
Melbert A. Matthias Sr. CZT-31-21L Plot # 4-53 Estae Tabor & Harmony Reconstructing a 2-story single family dwelling.
RB40 Investments, LLC CZT-32-21L Plot # 34AC Estate To construct a single family dwelling.
GNA Investments III LLC CZT-33-21L Plot # 4-30-14 & 4-30-15, Estate Ensomhed Hull Renovation on an existing hurricane damage property.
Van Drieson Family Trust CZT-34-21L Plot #4-26, Estate Hull Proposing to rebuild an hurricane damage home.
Secret Harbor Estates, LLC CZT-35-21L Plot # 2D-7, Estate Nazareth Reconstructing and addition to a hurricane damaged dwelling.
Lise Lane, LLC CZT-36-21L Plot 15-51-F Estate Frenchmans Bay Constructing of a single family residence.
Lise Lane, LLC CZT-37-21L Plot 15-51-E Estate Frenchmans Bay Constructing of a single family residence.
Natasha Moore CZT-38-21L Plot # F-27 Estate Nazareth Constructing a 2 family dwelling.
Robert D, Marshall CZT-39-21L Plot # 12D-2 Estate Smith Bay To construct o a 2 story family residenace.
Rachael & Floyd Ackley CZT-40-21L Plot # 26 B Water Island Placement of 2 shipping container.
Scott Balmos & Deborah Ramos CZT-41-21L Plot # 7-M-3 Estate Nazareth Modifying an exisiting pool & addition of a hot tub.
Angelfish Paradise, LLC CZT-42-21L Plot # 8-5 Estate Nazareth An Expansion of a existing princple Structure.
Cristina Zublliaga CZT-43-21L Plot # 7-W Estate Nazareth To bring property to compliance

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