Education & Outreach – VICZMP

The most important goal of the CZM Education & Outreach program is to enhance public awareness of the value of protecting the coastal resources for the long-term, sustainable benefits that protection and maintenance can provide to our territory.

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School Presentations

Summer Camp Activities

Eco Certification Consultation

Environmental Education & Consultation

Beach or Coastal Cleanup

Education & Outreach Initiatives & Programs

VI Clean Coasts Eco Certification Program

NOAA Marine Debris Collaborative Website

Refill Bottles, Not Dumpsters – Reduce Single-Use Plastics in Public Schools and Provide Clean Drinking Water for Students


Virgin Islands Clean Streets is an initiative that focuses on cleaning coastal areas other than beaches! Historic streets and landmarks along our coastal zone are rife with potential marine debris, but by collecting data on what is removed we can help make important changes in our community. Zoom out to explore the whole territory!

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