Refill Bottles, Not Dumpsters

Refill Bottles, Not Dumpsters

Provide Clean Drinking Water & Bottles to VI Youth


We are thrilled to announce the beginning of a program that is going to provide public schools with ready access to clean, cold, drinking water. DPNR’s Division of Coastal Zone Management and S & D Consulting have teamed up with My Brother’s Workshop to bring this project to the territory and we want your help to make this dream a reality.

We started this project because we saw a need to eliminate single use plastic bottles and provide drinking water that has been filtered of lead, chlorine, and other impurities. Many of our schools don’t have consistent access to clean drinking water and students are being asked to bring two single use plastic water bottles to school, per day! For a school like Lockhart Elementary on St. Thomas who will have approximately 800 students this year, that means 1,600 single use plastic bottles could be tossed into our overtasked landfill a day, or worse be released into the marine environment.

We are looking for partners to sponsor the purchase of bottle fill stations to be installed at participating schools and reusable water bottles to be donated to the students. Sponsorship levels are flexible, so we will customize a program that works for you and your adopted school. Water bottles purchased for the students will display your logo or message of choice, and fill stations can have plaques installed over each one again with your logo and/or message of choice. As an added bonus, all donations go directly to My Brother’s Workshop. That’s tax deductible!

Schools are lining up to participate in this program so call now to see how we can work together to bring clean, cold, delicious water to public schools while reducing the impacts of plastic pollution in our territory.

Refuse, Reduce, & Reuse!

Water Fountain installed in All Saints Cathedral School in February of 2020.

Commissioner Jean-Pierre L Oriol of The Department of Planning and Natural Resources is excited to announce the launch of “Refill Bottles, Not Dumpsters” at All Saints Cathedral School. This morning the Education & Outreach Coordinator for the Division of Coastal Zone Management hosted “decorating parties” in each class in the school during which a reusable metal water bottle was distributed to every student and teacher to celebrate the installation of their brand-new water fill station.  

 “I’d like to thank Mr. Hugh Arnold and the whole All Saints family for their partnership on this program. We are seeking to mirror this in all schools throughout the territory and look forward to working with each school to assist in their journeys to become more environmentally friendly and learn about waste reduction.” – said Commissioner Oriol 

 This program was developed as a partnership between the Division of Coastal Zone Management and My Brother’s Workshop with the goal of reducing single use plastics in the territory and providing students with filtered and chilled water while at school. With waste remaining a serious issue in the territory, the department has taken a strong stand on encouraging and creating programs that help reduce waste and educate the public on how they can take actions to reduce their individual impact on our natural resources.  

 During the 2019 school year All Saints became certified as a VI Clean Coasts property, for which they had to eliminate all expanded polystyrene from campus and pledge to continue working to make their campus more environmentally friendly. Today All Saints unveiled one fill station that was purchased with a grant obtained through the VI Clean Coasts program along with the reusable bottles, but we hope that further fundraising will allow them to install more stations throughout campus to better serve all students and staff.  

This territorial program has been made possible through a combination of funding from DPNR, community grants, and private donations. All bottles are engraved at My Brother’s Workshop who has been a vital partner in this process. Currently public schools on St. Thomas and St. Croix are preparing for the program, but the goal is to reach every school in the territory.  

On March 11, 2020 the program was able to distribute customized bottles to the students of Lockhart and Cancryn Elementary schools. On that day bottles were given to 79 Kingergarteners, 78 first graders, 111 second graders, and 90 third graders, as well as all of their teachers! We look forward to continuing with more public schools and the installation of the water fill stations!