Fish and Wildlife FAQ


Updated September 21, 2021

  1. Do I need a permit to conduct research in the USVI?
    • Yes, the Division of Fish and Wildlife issues permits for all research activities. Visit our permit application page for more information.
  1. Do I need permission to cut down a tree?
    • The Division of Fish and Wildlife would not require any permits for the removal of most trees; pursuant to Title 12 Chapter 3 section 123 – 125, trees within 25 feet of a watercourse (gut) would have restrictions and a permit is required for its removal. If that is the case, we can assess once you have the property owner’s permission.
  1. I want to report an injured animal. Who do I call?
    • Refer to the flowchart on our exotic species page to determine the correct authority to call. Who do I call?
  1. I want to trim mangroves on my property. Who do I call?
    • All mangrove trimming must be done by permit from DPNR co-signed by CZM and DFW. Permits may be applied for on the DFW Permits page. (12 V.I.C. § 105)
  1. I want to report an injured, distressed, or dead sea turtle. Who do I call?
    • Remove hazards from around the sea turtle staying at least 6 feet away from the turtle at all times. Please call the Sea Turtle Assistance and Rescue Network’s  24/7 hotline (340) 690-0474  to report all sea turtle activities in the USVI. They can also be reached by message on Facebook.
  1. Can I visit offshore cays? 
    • All visitation to offshore cays managed by DPNR must be done by permit. Permits may be applied for on the DFW Permits page. Those cays are listed below. All other cays are either privately or federally managed and permission to visit those cays should be made appropriately. 
      • DPNR managed cays: Bovoni, Capella, Carval, Cas, Cockroach, Congo, Cricket, Dog, Dutchcap, Flanagan, Flat, Little Flat, Frenchcap, Grass, Hassel, Kalkun, Leduck, Outer Brass, Perkins, Ruth, Saba, Sail, Salt, Savana, Shark, Turtledove, West, Whistling.