Flood Plain Information and Advisory Maps


Quick Reference Quick Interactive

In short readable format with lots of illustrations, the Quick Guide explains the National Flood
Insurance Program and the DPNR’s responsibilities to manage floodplain areas. The guide
shows examples of flood maps and explains how to use an online tool to save a map based on
property address.

The Quick Guide explains how development can make flooding worse and how property owners
can minimize environmental impacts by careful planning. The basic requirements for buildings
that are included in the Virgin Islands Building Code are illustrated, including elevating living
areas above the flood level.


Helpful Questions that your Flood Plain Manager Can Answer

Click here for Draft USVI VIRR_401(b)(15) revision_public_review_draft_5-26-20 (003)

USVI VIRR_401(b)(15)_NFIP_Checklist_4-30-20

Flood Hazard Permit Application (1)

Elevation Certificate Application

The Recovery Advisories:  https://www.fema.gov/disaster/4340

Flood Advisory Maps link: http://fema.maps.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=a92ce1763cb5416dafa01b84757a5af9

Given the 2017 hurricane events, DPNR has strengthened its collaboration with federal agencies to provide updated data ready for dissemination, flood hazard information, and mitigation resources. The link provided will take you to the FEMA ESRI® ArcGIS® online web map service “U.S. Virgin Islands Advisory Flood Hazard Data and Products”. There you will find a wealth of information as well as an interactive mapping application. Flood hazard information can be viewed for specific latitude and longitude coordinate locations anywhere in the USVI via the “What’s My ABFE Tool” tab. We encourage you to browse through all tabs. Although every effort was done to minimize error, we can NOT guarantee full completeness and liability. Any questions or comments please contact our floodplain manager Ellerton Maynard at ellerton.maynard@dpnr.vi.gov