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Coastal Zone Management

Mooring Permit

Any Vessel, currently registered in the Territory, seeking a permanent anchorage to which a vessel may be secured must apply for a Mooring Permit in the US Virgin Islands. Mooring Permits are only issued for designated areas.

Anchoring Permit

All Recreational Vessels currently anchoring or seeking to anchor in the waters of the United States Virgin Islands, who do not have a mooring permit, are required to obtain an Anchoring Permit.

Cruising in Territory

All Vessels seeking Overnight Anchoring, not Registered in the USVI, who are conducting Charters are REQUIRED to obtain this Cruising Permit while operating in Territorial waters.

Please read below to learn about vessel waste discharge laws in territorial waters of the US Virgin Islands
(c) No person shall throw, discard, discharge or deposit refuse of any kind into the shoreline areas or territorial waters of the Virgin Islands. No person shall dump or discharge pollutants such as gas, oil, petroleum products, sewage, or any other pollutants into the territorial waters of the Virgin Islands. Any person who discharges, dumps, or deposits refuse or pollutants in violation of this chapter shall immediately remove or arrange for the removal of such refuse or pollutants to the Department’s satisfaction. If the vessel’s owner or the person responsible for the violation fails to so act, the Department may arrange for removal and clean-up and may contract with and retain agents for such purpose, and the costs thereof, shall be borne by the owner and any person responsible for the discharge, discarding, dumping, or depositing of the refuse or pollutants. (e) Except as provided in section 409 of this chapter, any person who violates the provisions of this section may be fined an amount not to exceed $10,000 for each offense.
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