VICC Resources

Reduce your impact every day by eliminating unnecessary packaging. Take advantage of the #ProduceNotPlastic Facebook Camera Frame HERE or you can access it from our VI Clean Coasts Facebook Page.

Learn more about the problem of plastic pollution with the Plastic Pollution Coalition and Surfrider Foundation. Surfrider is also a great resource to learn about oxybenzone and other chemicals in sunscreen that are harmful to coral and human health!

Keep up to date with bills passed in the USVI on the Legislature’s website. Here you can search the VI Code and read about bills that are being proposed. Currently we are waiting on the enaction of the single use plastic straw amendment, and the ban on sunscreens containing oxybenzone or avobenzene. Stay ahead of the law and replace these items now!


Make sure to keep us updated on any changes to your business! Whenever you want to take account of your eco-journey, make a visit to the VICC Self-Audit and send it over. This could get you certified for new badges (even ones that don’t exist yet!) and help you keep track of areas that still need work.



Have a project in mind you’d like to get funded? Fill out this form for your chance at a VICC Seed Grant!