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Federal Consistency

The Coastal Zone Management Act, (CZMA), 16 U.S.C. 1451-1465, and implementing regulations at 15 C.F.R. part 930 requires federal agencies and applicants for federal approvals and funding to carry out their activities consistent with the Virgin Islands Coastal Zone Management Program (VICZM) and its enforceable rules and policies.

Federal Consistency Determination Guidance


Projects Available For Review

Federal Highway Administration/National Park Service – Lyne House Road Repairs (CZM0006-23)

VI Department of Agriculture – STJ Modular Office (CZM0004-23) 

VI Department of Public Works – One Dig Project Northside Hwy (CZM0012-23)

VI Water & Power Authority – Hannah’s Rest Undergrounding (CZM0009-23)

VI Water & Power Authority – Queen Mary Undergrounding (CZM0008-23)

Schneider Regional Medical Center – Charlotte Kimmelman Cancer Institute (CZM0007-23)

VI Department of Agriculture – STJ Modulars (CZM0004-23)

VI Department of Agriculture – new Administrative Building Construction (CZX-5-23(FC))

VI Department of Education – new Arthur A. Richards K-8th School (CZX-3-23(FC))

VI Department of Education – CAHS Reconstruction (CZT-12-22(FC))

VI Department of Public Works – Frederiksted (Concordia) Office (CZX-7-23(FC))

VI Department of Health – Public Health Lab & EMS Relocation (CZX-6-23(FC))

VI Paving on the behalf of VIDPW/FHWA-EFL (CZX-3-21(FC)) – Bridges/Culverts

VI Department of Human Services -Bolongo Bay Head Start (CZT-16-22(FC))




VI Department of Human Services – Lindbergh Bay Head Start (CZT-15-22(FC))


 VI Department of Human Services – Tabor & Harmony Head Start (CZT-14-22(FC))


 VI Department of Human Services – Minnetta Mitchell Nutrition Storage (CZT-13-22(FC)


VI Department of Human Services – Cruz Bay Head Start (CZJ-02-22(FC))


 VI Department of Public Works – Kingshill Chapel (CZX-11-22(FC))