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Coastal Zone Permitting

CZM Permitting

Please use the link to view the CZM Permitting Brochure. It outlines the permitting process and required submittals.

Pursuant to Title 12, Chapter 21 of the VI Code, CZM is required to assess all proposed development in the first tier of the Virgin Islands, known as the coastal zone. The permitting process ensures that activities undertaken within the first tier are consistent to the maximum extent practicable with the goals and policies of the VICZM Act, minimize adverse impacts to the coastal resources, ensure that development will not interfere with the public’s right of access to the sea, and that development will be adequately supervised to ensure compliance with permit conditions.

Major CZM Permits Available for Public Review

Hibiscus Beach Hotel

CREF 3 USVI Hotel Owner, Inc. formerly DiamondRock Frenchman’s Owner, Inc.  – Modification (CZT4-11(L) & CZT-9-14(W))

BBK Development (CZT-01-22(L))

Latitude 18 Vessup Bay Marina (CZT-06-21(L&W))

Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC dba Ocean Point Terminals

Ritz-Carlton Club (CZT-06-22(W))

Gentle Winds Wastewater Treatment Plant (CZX-12-23(L))

Dry Marina – New Application (CZT-01-23(L))

Dry Marina – Modification (CZT-01-16(L))

VIGL Operations, LLC – Modification (CZX-11-18(L)) RDJ Racetrack

IGY-American Yacht Harbor – Modification (CZT-81-87(L))

Standard Aviation – Modification (CZT-08-16(L))

Haven Development, LLC (CZT-10-22(FL))

Assetco (CZT-08-22(FL))